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"Little Lady"

Original Mom of the Brownstone

- M & Diner, Jersey City, circa 1968 -

The Brownstone Pancake Factory is the culmination of one family’s thriving love for the food business and vision for a unique atmosphere so hard to duplicate. The secret recipe has been simple, family with a side of whimsy that started in the 60’s.  Peter and Irene bought a tiny subway car diner in downtown Jersey City, New Jersey. Being born in Greece, they didn’t even know what a pancake was, but they had a crazy idea to come up with unique pancake variations. With some tasty crafting, a winning recipe was born. The dream grew with their family as each child learned early on that hard work meant weekends working at the family diner as a cook, server, busser, cashier and everything in between. Over the years, customers have seen the family grow up and witnessed that the very underpinning of the dream was made possible by family working together and a genuine love for their customers.

With a desire to expand his family's dream, Bobby created and rebranded the Brownstone Pancake Factory into its new location in Edgewater, New Jersey with his wife Vanessa who shares his love for food and restaurant design. Striving to grow as customer tastes have grown, Bobby has brought surprises and creativity to diner fare. With the birth of the new boss in town – little man Telly – the Englewood Cliffs location opened next. You will often spot the little boss working the floor giving his daddy insane-shake-of-the-week suggestions! As Bobby’s sister Maria joined the team, Brownstone’s third location expanded to the famous Jersey shore in Brick, home to an indoor life-sized Volkswagen bus and doughnut bar! Furthering the Brownstone’s footprint in central Jersey, the Freehold location opened next housing the bewilderment of a merry-go-round carousel and more renowned ‘cakes and shakes! 

"Mr. Pete"

OG of the Brownstone

- Newport Pancake House, Jersey City, circa 1985 -

"Bobby + Maria"

First Jobs in the Restaurant

- circa 1980 -

Our family story is unique and we hope that your experience here is equally so. Sometimes, our music is a little too loud, our insane shakes are a bit gluttonous and our employees are having just as much fun being here as you are. But just as our family thought outside the box decades ago, we hope that you find we’ve created that same over-the-top destination here.

We hope your experience at Brownstone Pancake Factory makes you leave your worries at the door as you dine here. Our #foodgoals is that you leave craving a good nap and some quality cuddle time. We know it is our unique privilege that you chose to share a meal with us and we thrive on the fact that you made that choice.  

Life is short, play with your food. Have fun with your loved ones and just unleash a little. There is always room for a cheat meal! Know that it is truly our privilege to have you here. We hope you enjoy your time with us!

The big question is where should we go next?! 

Let us know where you'd love to see us!

"Bobby, Vanessa + Telly"

- with Dolce and Vita -